Songs of the Week 95: January 8 – January 14

noah-slee#5. Noah Slee Feat. Shiloh Dynasty – DGAF

A genre-bending tracking from Noah Slee starts us off this week. Really digging the subtle reggae vibes.

amber-run#4. Amber Run – Fickle Game

Jon Snow hits us at #4 with Fickle Game (ok jokes it’s Joe Keogh, lead singer of Amber rain). Hope you like close ups of lips, cause this video has loads of em. It’s also a beautifully haunting track.

ryley-walker#3. Ryley Walker – The Roundabout

Here’s something different. I’m not huge into folk or country, but there was a period of time a few years ago where I was really really into acoustic folk rock. Ryley Walker brought me back to that time with a catchy track by the name of The Roundabout. These types of tracks always feel like someone telling you a story around a campfire, which always is what draws me in.

flor#2. Flor – Hold On

I really debated making this track #1 this week. I feel like it’s gonna grow into one of my favorites of the year. It exudes positivity and hope, something that we’ll definitely need in 2017 after a pretty rough 2016. I’ve been following flor since their start a couple years ago, and dare I say I think they are close to really breaking out and becoming a household name. This track reminds me a lot of Two Door Cinema Club, which is some of the highest praise you can receive from me (as TDCC is one of my all time faves).

niia#1. Niaa – Last Night in Los Feliz

It’s been a bit of an unorthodox week of music, with some dancey-reggae, some acoustic folk, and now some jazzy pop from Niaa. I don’t really know what to say about this one. It’s gorgeous. If I could ever happen upon music like this at some fancy piano bar, that’s basically my dream. One of those songs that’s able to tear you away from a deep conversation you are having to simply marvel at whatever act is up there on the piano.