Songs of the Week 99: February 5 – February 11

henry-green#5. Henry Green – Loose

Henry Green is one of my favorite up and coming musicians right now. His latest EP, Real EP, is a must have. Each song is spectacular, and Loose is the last release from that very EP.

ruby-empress#4. Ruby Empress – Deluca

I remember hearing Deluca months ago and not thinking much of it. Was a pleasant little tune, but it didn’t make my rotation. Fast forward to this past week when I heard the release of their newest track (which may just be coming up further down the list for this week’s best songs), and I’m kind of angry at myself for not giving this one more of a chance. That chorus is disgustingly sweet.

seth-xvi#3. Seth XVI – Hurt You Back

Had a major moment of “is this Boy Hits Car ?!” when first pressing play on Seth XVI’s Hurt You Back. Now, the bands and tracks are nothing alike, but something about the voices in each track give me major nostalgic moments. I’m probably just weird. Oh, also… saxophone alert!!! Sexy sexy sax.

warhola#2. Warhola – Jewels

Was a great week of music, which usually means a track that deserves top spot won’t get it. Such is the case this for Wahola. Almost any other week this is #1. So good.

ruby-empress2#1. Ruby Empress – Escapism Deluxe

As I alluded to above, it’s a rare week where we have 2 tracks from the same artist in the top 5. Escapsim Deluxe is the perfect blend of catchy and weird, and a track that I’ve found myself listening to more and more as the week’s passed by. As a cherry on top, I found out that they actually released a few more tracks Friday with the release of their EP Empressionism. Nice times.