Songs of the Week 100: February 12 – February 18

cut-snake#5. Tove Lo – True Disaster (Cut Snake Remix) //

Just a casual house remix to start the week, as Cut Snake take a turn on Tove Lo’s single True Disaster. Nothing crazy going on here, but quality nonetheless.

ten-fe#4. Ten Fe – Another Way

Really, really enjoyed Ten Fe’s latest album – something that is rare for me. I’m a “singles” type guy… but that entire album really rocked it. I think this may be the 2nd or 3rd track I’ve featured from it now.

charity#3. Charity – Metal Boy

The drum-introduced, catchy as hell chorus won me over on Metal Boy. I’m just a sucker for a good chorus.

levv#2. Levv – Collateral Damage

On first listen I really thought this was going to be the top track this week. It wasn’t even going to be close. Obviously, someone else came along and ruined that idea, but I’m enamoured with Collateral Damage nonetheless. The first 2 verses are striking… and I actually wish they had kept going with the chords and orchestral feel instead of the change of pace 1:40 in to more of an electro sound. That aside, I’m super excited to see what’s ahead of Levv.

rationale#1. Rationale – Tethered

THIS GUY MAN. Geezus. Everything he puts out is fucking brilliant. Each song has it’s own flavor, it’s own style… but all are accompanied by the same powerful vocals and thoughtful songwriting. It’s rare to see artists release content that is not just good, but is unique in it’s own way each single time. Usually artists have a style and stick to it, seeing the strengths of the past and hoping to replicate it going forward. Not Rationale man… he just mixes it up each time and hits a home run regardless. If there’s any chance Rationale happens to read this… don’t change dude. Keep on keeping on, because this is some of the best music I’ve happened to come across in my time following music.