Songs of the Week 101: February 19 – February 25

fyfe#5. Fyfe – Love You More

Fyfe’s latest is very… fyfe. The trademark quirks, the catchy but not catchy sound. His songs kind of seem like they are out of control… so out of control that they are in control. Makes sense ya?  Yah.

paperwhite#4. Paperwhite – Human Nature

A winner for the chorus. Unfairly catchy.

volo#3. Volo feat. GIIA- Crumble

Prepare yourself for a dreamy voyage full of unexpected bumps. That’s the ride Volo & GIIA your on with their newest, Crumble. What starts off ethereal sounding turns into Anchormanesque jazz-flute at the chorus. It works surprisingly well together, and is carried by some lovely vocals.

insant-party#2. Rione – Movin’ On (Instant Party! Remix) //

Real interesting trap remix we got here from Instant Party!. Can’t really figure it out, but what I do know is that they got my attention for the entire 3:34 of the track. And when those strings hit… well that’s why I knew the track was making this week’s list.

joseph-of-mercury#1. Joseph of Mercury – Without Words

99% of the time, when I’m listening to a new artist I don’t know what they look like. It’s not until I select them for a weekly post and then go scrounge up an image for the header do I get to associate a face to the sounds. Usually I have a pretty good idea of what they look like though (you’d be surprised how much you can tell someone’s appearance by their sound). Did not expect that face to come up for Joseph of Mercury though. He has a mature, sophisticated sound that belies his youthful, almost bad boy image. Regardless of my blabber, the song is lovely. So very lovely.