Songs of the Week 105: March 19 – March 25

brooke bentham#5. Brooke Bentham – Heavy And Ephemeral

A song that really sounds like it’s from a veteran musician rather than what looks like the third track released on a newcomer’s portfolio. Looks like there could be big things coming for Brooke.

baba ali#4. Baba Ali – Otherside

Another track from a (seemingly) newbie in the music scene. Otherside is a grim and catchy blend of RnB and soul-ish pop. Really digging the Eastern European flavour to this one.

william bolton#3. William Bolton – One Way

This guy is a music making machine. If you like quantity, he’s definitely got you covered. I wouldn’t say every track is a smash hit, but there is some real quality in there. One Way is a pre-summer track that sets the mood for what is hopefully a warm and sunny season coming our way.

maximillian#2. Maximillian – Hey Now/ Pink + White (Cover/Mash Up)

Two of my favorite songs by two of my favorite artists. Did I think it’d work when I saw the title? Nope. Does it work. Beautifully. It helps having a captivating voice, but honestly the minimalistic, almost eerie silence that accompanies the vocals is equally powerful.

allday#1. Allday Feat. Japanese Wallpaper – In Motion

This one grew on me big time. At first listen, wasn’t too sure I was digging Allday’s switch from his usual hip hop to emo-esque pop. That said, something has drawn me in and now I find myself playing this one on repeat.

Songs of the Week 104: March 12 – March 18

her1#5. Her – Queens

Not sure how to describe this, but it’s cool and attention-getting. My intro to Her will show itself further down this list, but Queens was worthy of a spot as well.

lorde#4. Lorde – Green Light

This week is stacked. I wish I could make this track #1, because putting at #4 doesn’t do justice to how obsessed I am with it. I really love the direction Lorde’s been heading with her recent singles and collabs. Super pumped for her upcoming album, but meanwhile I’ll just keep hitting repeat on this one.

kungs#3. Kungs vs. Cookin’ on 3 Burners – This Girl //

I am way way behind on this track. It’s a full blown smash hit now, but I’m new to the ball game. I mean, I’ve heard those horns – be it at a bar or just out and about in general. What got me to actively go seek it out was the fact that this track is played during the first period of every single Vancouver Canucks (hockey team here in Canada) home game. Eventually I just had to figure out what song it was…

her2#2. Her – Swim

Another song with swag (which seems to be Her’s calling card). This one is a bit catchier than Queens was (at least in my opinion).

tennis#1. Tennis – My Emotions Are Blinding

I love Tennis and their sassy take on pop music. Their recent album release was amazing (albeit many of the tracks had already been shared as singles). My Emotions Are Blinding was one track I hadn’t yet heard and it slots right into my favorites of theirs, directly underneath Ladies Don’t Play Guitar (which I’m sure I’ve shared here previously).