Songs of the Week 102: February 26 – March 4

mickey-blue#5. Mickey Blue – I Got You

I’m three years late on this one apparently. Never too late to discover great new music though… especially when it’s sultry R&B jams.

lostchild2#4. Lostchild – S.A.M.

I’m not sure what specifically it is, but there’s something to Lostchild’s sound that feels incredibly fresh and unique.  Listening to as many new bands as I do, things tend to get stale pretty fast (in terms of “sounds”). It’s always great to come across a new artist who is different… especially when it’s good different.

blvth#3. Sumera – Wolf (Blvth Remix) //

A bit ominous this one, especially the start. What does it for me though is that yell “WHAT” before the chorus. Completely gets me going.

lostchild#2. Lostchild – Soothe

Was three years late on Mickey Blue, and I guess I’m two years late on Lostchild… as S.A.M. (above) was released only this past week (that track was my introduction to Lostchild). Meanwhile Soothe had been released way before and is my personal favorite.

feels#1. Feels – Roadkill

Not much going on here until that chorus. But man, is that one dance-arrific chorus. An explosion of sound that juxtaposes well with the somewhat sullen and broody verses.