Songs of the Week 103: March 5 – March 11

miami horror#5. Miami Horror – Leila

Miami Horror are pure fun. All their songs are light, breezy and full of danceable rhythms. Their latest, Leila, is no different.

Adam-Jensen#4. Adam Jensen – Tombstone

Another rocking folk song from Adam Jensen. Another guy in my list of artists who only know how to create awesome singles. I’ve been really impressed so far with pretty much everything he’s put out.

tracy irve#3. Tracy Irve – Keep Me Close

Gosh it seems like just yeterday I stumlbed upon Tracy Irve’s single Naked (which at the time was actually titled See You Naked). Welp, that was actually almost two years ago. Everything that made me love Naked is back in their newest single Keep Me Close… from the subtly catchy beat to the vocals that have a way of making the song feel complete.

daniel feels#2. Daniel Feels – Vultures

All the songs so far this week feel somewhat similar – brooding themes and catchy vocals. Daniel Feels’ Vultures was the best of that bunch, and a song that I’ve come to like the more I play it.

elephante#1. Ed Sheeran – Shape Of You (Elephante Remix) //

I know I know I know. ANOTHER goddamn Shape Of You remix. The song has only been out a few months know and it may be the most remixed song since Gotye’s Somebody That I Used To Know. That said, give this one a chance. Elephante adds some nice bounce and creates an almost anthemic dance song out of Ed Sheeran’s unfairly catchy lyrics.