Songs of the Week 107: April 2 – April 8

koiya#5. Koiya – Brood

The debut track from Koiya is a big bass journey of heavy sounds and intriguing vocals. I’m not head over heels in love with the track, but I’m downright excited to see what this crew comes up with in the future. This is some interesting stuff. It’s different… and often different means good.

wrabel#4. Wrabel – Bloodstain

Came across this one via the Galantis remix that’s been making the rounds this past week. Gotta say that while the remix is good in it’s own right, I prefer the original. It’s already got a bit of a remix sound to it, with some heavy warps and a quick pace. Loving the panic-feel of the chorus.

yehan jehan#3. Yehan Jehan – Another One (Mac DeMarco Cover)

I’ve admittedly never been too into Mac DeMarco. He might just be too weird for me… but that said there are certain tracks I’ve always had a bit of a soft spot for. Another One is one such track, and this cover by Yehan Jehan pays a nice tribute to the original.

me not you#2. Me Not You – Kill The Noise

I always can make time for a new Me Not You track (which is especially easy when this is really just their third release). Carried by a pulsing guitar, Kill The Noise has a great grimey-feel to it.

tim suby#1. Tim Suby Feat. Dustin Atlas – Tripping On Emotions

I struggled with this song on its release. I hated it. Then I liked it. Then I couldn’t stand it anymore… and somehow now I’m back onboard with the somewhat sexy RnB-ish track. I love the vocals, but I think the long break between end of chorus and next verse kinda drags me out of the moment.