Songs of the Week 108: April 9 – April 15

grace mitchell#5. Grace Mitchell – Now

Grace Mitchell is way too cool of a person for me. Her music is unique, but not in a snobby/hipster way. It’s just hers, and she does it so well. It’s loud, powerful and full of spunk. Now, her latest release, is a bustling pop adventure that may be her ticket to more mainstream recognition.

code green#4. Code Green Feat. King Mez – Silly (Remix)

Feel like I’ve been in a huge hip-hop slump recently. Not sure if my ears are just not into it as much anymore or I’m just not happening across the good stuff. Regardless, digging the remixed version of Code Green’s Too Silly that features the help of King Mez. The beat of this one sells me.


#3. Ryno – I Love You Always Forever (Donna Lewis Cover)

I’m not a huge fan of the original version of I Love You Always Forever by Donna Lewis. Oddly enough, I’m a huge fan of pretty much every cover version of it. I have no problems with Donna Lewis, I just seem to like other interpretations of the song more than the one that started it all. Ryno’s version has some fun, plucky chords that keep my attention throughout. Don’t think this version beats out the cover by Betty Who, but it’s damn close.

arizona#2. A R I Z O N A – Electric Touch

Absolutely love the opening 1 minute of Electric Touch. I think the track loses some of it’s charm halfway through, but it’s still another excellent addition to A R I Z O N A’s catalogue.

rzlz#1. RZLZ – Lioness

Another track that really hit me on the 3rd and 4th listens. Can’t proclaim to know a thing about RZLZ (let alone what it stands for or how you say it), but looking forward to what’s next from her.