Songs of the Week 110: April 23 – April 29

sidizen king#5. Sidizen King Feat. Kendra Mack – Roll The Dice

Easy-listening pop hip hop (pop hop?) with Sidizen King’s newest track. Really like the backing vocals from Kendra Mack.

Relaxing young child in sunset#4. Sunset Child Feat. Charlz – Chew Candy (Never Seen Anything Like You)

It’s summer right? Right?! We’re getting close, and the tropical summer vibes of Sunset Child will hopefully put you in the mood for beaches and warm weather.

zola blood#3. Zola Blood – Nothing

I really like dark rock. I mean, I probably made up that genre, but if it WAS real Zola Blood’s Nothing would fall in that category. It has an uneasy feeling to it, like something bad is about to happen.

yesyou#2. YesYou Feat. Damon Trueitt – Change Is Gonna Come

This is less a #2 track and more a #1-B.  Damon Trueitt’s deep, sultry voice is definitely the most noticeable part of the track, but I’m completely in love with the “ooh ohhh ohhhs” that start up around 1:40 in. Stuff like that just completely blows my mind. This track really reminds me of the house-esque movement in the 90s… I mean this could be Fatboy Slim and I wouldn’t have batted an eye.

london grmamar#1. London Grammar – Oh Woman Oh Man

I’m very excited for the new London Grammar album coming. I’m trying to temper my expectations, because frankly I’m almost always kinda let down when one of my favorite bands releases a follow up to their outstanding debut album. However, the songs that the LG crew have shared so far have all been spectacular… and their newest release OH Woman Oh Man is easily my favorite. June can’t come quickly enough!