Songs of the Week 114: May 21 – May 27

lover#5. Lover – Nautica

Another up-and-coming artist whose sound belies his experience. Unless Lover has been making sounds under another moniker, he only has a couple songs to his credit and both are hauntingly gorgeous (as well as a pretty great cover of a Banks track).

farr#4. Farr – Blades

So glad the drop on this one didn’t lead to some dubstep. I mean it’s got a time and place, but frankly it’s refreshing to hear a build up that doesn’t crash down into a mess of sounds. Instead, we are treated to some deep vocals and a bit of a soul-funk sound.

flor#3. Flor – Guarded

Really enjoyed Flor’s debut album. In fact, I just enjoy them, period. They remind me a lot of early Two Door Cinema Club … not necessarily in sound but in style. It’s happy, fun music with some vocals that make an impression on you, but don’t steal the thunder of the music.

sound-of-arrows-2015#2. The Sound of Arrows – Beautiful Life

LOVE me song strings. Boy is this song pretty or what. The first track of what I expect will be their second album gives me some major Robbie Williams Millenium vibes.

snoopdogg759#1. Snoop Dogg Feat. October London – Go On

Did you know Snoop released a new album? Hell, did you even know he was working on a new album? I sure as hell didn’t, and then Go On graced my ears and brought me back 20 years. This is vintage Gin & Juice Snoop… but as good as his flow is I think October London steals the show. His chorus is sexy as hell. This track is also screaming for a remix/cover by Justin Timberlake.

Songs of the Week 113: May 14 – May 20

charles rivers#5. Charles Rivers – Calling Out To You

Some pleasant, jazzy, piano pop to start the week that, at least out on the west coast of Canada, has finally been warm enough to start thinking that summer may actually soon be here.

memlo#4. Memlo – Power

Love the pace and love the beat. Lyrics feel a bit lazy (says the guy who has as close to zero musical ability as humanly possible), but I do think the words flow nicely. I always struggle with hip hop between trying to not listen to the actual words (cause frankly 99% of hip hop songs are about drugs, money, bitches and guns…), and still being able to appreciate the pacing and wordplay.

memoryy#3. Memoryy – Not Over You

Got some major deja vu feelings after hearing Memoryy’s Not Over You. I could have sworn I’d heard it before. Did some searches through my music library and couldn’t find anything, and since it’s only been on Soundcloud for a month (apparently)… I guess I’m just losing my mind. Fantastic chorus (with the “It’s getting easier each day” nudging this track up from ‘good’ to ‘freakin awesome’).

kwaye#2. Kwaye – Little Ones

The second release from Kwaye is an absolute stunner. His sound is extremely refined and mature for someone with just two tracks to his credit (that I can find). Reminds me a bit of my boy Rationale (which, coming from me, is close to the best compliment anyone could receive).

bishop briggs#1. Bishop Briggs – Hi-Low (Hollow)

I so desperately want to like Bishop Briggs more than I do. Her voice and range is unbelievable. That said, it wasn’t until the unreleased Hi-Lo (Hollow) starting making the rounds in her live shows that I really fell in love with one of her tracks. I mean, the power she has in that chorus is crazy. There is a “better” quality youtube version floating around, but I think the live version above is a great showcase for her talents. On a side note – what’s up with people going to live shows like this and talking?!?! Why buy tickets to a small, intimate show and then just chat with your friends the entire time. So weird. Luckily, once she belts into her first chorus the majority of people shut up.