Songs of the Week 117: June 11 – June 17

violet sands#5. Violet Sands – Unusual

Pretty, but yet somehow still rambunctious and noisy. It works, but honesty I do prefer the softer Violet Sands side.

myrne & popeska#4. Myrne & Popeska Feat. Emily Hendrix – Get It All //

We move up one level louder here with Myrne & Popeska’s joint track Get It All. It again combines the soft with the cacophonous, and once again I much prefer the softer verses over than spastic chorus.

joey fatts#3. Joey Fatts Feat. JMSN – Still Down

Good track is good. Adding JMSN to any track just makes it better. Love the flow of Still Down. Haven’t yet given a listen to the rest of Joey’s recent release I’ll Call You Tomorrow 2, but based on this track I have high expectations.

Litany#2. Litany – Bedroom

This track is painfully cute. It was a tough call this week as this could easily have been a #1 type track. Not totally digging the steel drum thing going on in the chorus. It’s growing on me, but I still think I might have liked this even more without it.

koni#1. Koni Feat. Rakan – LA Love

The first few times I heard this track it really did nothing for me. But somehow, it kept coming across whatever playlist I was listening to… and then just a day or two ago it suddenly clicked. The combination of the vocals, the summer vibe and the incredibly sing-able hooks have me playing this on repeat now.