Songs of the Week 116: June 4 – June 10


#5. Wolves – Blem (Drake Cover)

It’s not often I like a cover more than an original. This is one of those rare times. Wolves deliver a stunning rendition full of sultry vocals and steamy bedroom vibes. Wasn’t a huge fan of Blem (or that entire Drake album for what it’s worth), but this… this I can get behind.

romans#4. Romans – Happy Love

The sound screams Rationale… but nope! This is Romans, and it’s truly lovely. Like Rationale, you can really hear and feel the passion for music coming out in the song.

teflon sega#3. Teflon Sega – FRZZN 2.0

I feel bad for all the upcoming artists who’ll be compared to The Weeknd. I mean, you could have told me that this track was on House of Balloons and I almost would have believed you (I adore The Weeknd, so that’s high praise). The chorus on this one is sexy as hell. Love me some Teflon.

london grammar#2. London Grammar – May The Best (Church Mix)

I’ve only had one day to digest London Grammar’s newest album, and I’m pumped to say that it did not disappoint. Outside of Oh Woman Oh Man, which I’ve already featured, the standout track to me is this bad boy here (and honestly, the more I listen to it the more I like it).

vanic#1. Vanic Feat. Clara Mae – Staring At the Sun

Those vocals tho. GEEZUS. That hook alone will likely be remixed into oblivion because it’s just that amazing. I mean the entire track is awesome – a made-for-festivals dance track that I’m sure will be blasted at summer pool parties around the world. But the story here for me is the vocals. Killer stuff.

Songs of the Week 115: May 28 – June 3

tyzo bloom#5. Tyzo Bloom Feat. Casey Cook – Tip Toe

This song tears me up. I love the vocals and I love the flow, but I really don’t like the chimes and the chorus. Ying and Yang thing going on here, as I find myself always starting this bad boy up and then skipping it halfway through.

lake jons#4. Lake Jons – My Friend

These seem like some cool dudes. I am not a cool dude. Therefore, color me jealous. Was turned onto Even If this past week, which is a nice little tune itself… but it lead me to My Friend… a calm and simple little song that is full of feel good vibes.

slowes#3. Slowes – U

If I had any sort of musical ability at all, I’d dive right into this song and give it a remix. I love all the pieces here… the hazy vocals, the pulsing background “heyyy”s, the depressing tone. Such a great track, but boy can I hear some cool things that could be made from this.

fabian secon#2. Fabian Secon x 5iveBeatz – Rockstar //

Some smooth hip hop/RnB from Fabian Secon and 5iveBeatz. I think this one kinda loses some steam halfway through, but it’s got some nice flow and swaggar at the start.

alyss#1. Alyss – Pyramid

This song is so cooly-different. Never heard anything like it… but it works. That chorus is captivating, and the beat never seems to grow tiresome. Love it.