Songs of the Week 123: July 23 – July 29

tigers + thieves#5. Tigers + Thieves – Change Your Mind

Boy & Bear are one of my favorite “regular” bands… if that makes sense at all. One of those bands that aren’t really blogstars, aren’t “cool” to like… but instead are a straight up good time. Well, Tiger + Thieves had me fooled as being Boy & Bear when it first popped up on my play list with their newest track Change Your MindThe song just exudes positivity and happiness.

matt black#4. Matt Black – Fake Rose

Matt Black’s sure got that sultry, baby-makin music sound down pat.

tentendo#3. Tentendo – One Stop Shop

I’m completely torn on this track. All the individual pieces of it I adore, but somehow packaged together it just feels like it’s lacking something. On an unrelated note, Tentendo is a crazy cool name.

gt & wildfire#2. GT & Wildfire Feat. Pamp Le Mousse – Little Dance //

The sax won me over. I wish they’d gone a little louder for the chorus after the drop, but still find this unbelievably groovy. But really, any song with sax is almost a must-play for me.

wolf saga#1. Wolf Saga – Crutches

Was a real tossup this week for the top 2 tracks. In the end, there’s a bit of St. Lucia-like charm going on with Wolf Saga’s Crutches that keeps me coming back.

Songs of the Week 122: July 16 – July 22

horrorshow2#5. Horrorshow – The Headline

Yea I could have posted this last week instead, but you gotta make sure to keep a good thing going right? There are a ton of tracks I could have featured after stumbling upon Horroshow, but The Headline (along with Eat The Cake from last week) are definitely the cream of the crop in my humble opinion.

saint sister#4. Saint Sister – Causing Trouble

This is one of those weeks where every track is equally the #1 track of the week as well as the #5 track of the week (so either super strong across the board or just nothing stuck out as mind-blowing amazing… take your pick). Saint Sister’s newest represents that idea of “yea, this is nice” so well – it doesn’t do anything to really blow you away but at the same time it’s so very pleasant to listen to. Oddly enough, reminds me a bit of Zero 7 and would feel right at home on the Garden State soundtrack.

floco torres#3. Floco Torres – You!

I don’t know if I can express through words on a blog just how much I love the candid feel to the opening of Floco Torres’ You!’. It’s both adorable and clever. The entire track is a real gentle hip hop track – one that you’d feel ok playing in front of your mom at the family BBQ.

the him#2. The Him Feat. Cub Rayan – Secrets

I didn’t quite realize how much I loved this song until it came up on a playlist at the beach volleyball league I play in. It’s such a perfect beach/summer anthem track. Cub Rayan really nails it with the chorus.

Processed with VSCOcam with b4 preset#1. Gems – You In My Dream Pt. 1

Ho hum – just another beautifully haunting track from Gems. Love everything here, and super pumped for their Every Full Moon series that they’ve been running this past year. So much good music, not enough time.