Songs of the Week 120: July 2 – July 8

calvin harris#5. Calvin Harris Feat. Frank Ocean & Migos – Slide

This song is brilliant. I mean, it’s not anywhere near the top of my “must listens” or anything… in fact I don’t even really like the track that much. But I can appreciate what it is, and that’s made for summer time pool parties, clubs and basically any kind of viral setting possible. Well crafted with a purpose… and I mean Frank Ocean is on it. That’s basically cheating (Migos too, who is everywhere these days, but Frank Ocean is my main man).

thanks#4. Thanks – I Can Get

Do you too miss the great Danes from Alphabeat? Well, you can have some of them back, in the form of Thanks. We’re missing the glorious vocals of miss Stine Bramsen, but gotta admit here that this track is downright funky. Loving the chopped vocals too.

noah slee#3. Noah Slee Feat. Melodownz – Lips

Finding myself liking Noah Slee more and more with each new release. This track is smooth as hell. A blend of Hip Hop and RnB with a dash of melodic trap? Sign me up.

1st vows#2. 1st Vows – Dakota

A colleague introduced to me to 1st Vows last week, and boy am I glad she did. He’s got a small catalog of wonderful tracks, but Dakota is far and away a standout for me. Just lovley.

zanski#1. Zanski – Don’t Say Later

Top two spots this week are both some sensual bedroom jams. Honestly, Zanski’s sound belies his youthful look. This track is a banger and been wearing on my repeat button for the past week.