Songs of the Week 123: July 23 – July 29

tigers + thieves#5. Tigers + Thieves – Change Your Mind

Boy & Bear are one of my favorite “regular” bands… if that makes sense at all. One of those bands that aren’t really blogstars, aren’t “cool” to like… but instead are a straight up good time. Well, Tiger + Thieves had me fooled as being Boy & Bear when it first popped up on my play list with their newest track Change Your MindThe song just exudes positivity and happiness.

matt black#4. Matt Black – Fake Rose

Matt Black’s sure got that sultry, baby-makin music sound down pat.

tentendo#3. Tentendo – One Stop Shop

I’m completely torn on this track. All the individual pieces of it I adore, but somehow packaged together it just feels like it’s lacking something. On an unrelated note, Tentendo is a crazy cool name.

gt & wildfire#2. GT & Wildfire Feat. Pamp Le Mousse – Little Dance //

The sax won me over. I wish they’d gone a little louder for the chorus after the drop, but still find this unbelievably groovy. But really, any song with sax is almost a must-play for me.

wolf saga#1. Wolf Saga – Crutches

Was a real tossup this week for the top 2 tracks. In the end, there’s a bit of St. Lucia-like charm going on with Wolf Saga’s Crutches that keeps me coming back.