Songs of the Week 126: August 13 – August 19

xplor#5. XPLOR – Castaway

A track that sounds like it’s from in the late 70s, early 80s era of rock music.

muto#4. MUTO Feat. Emerson Leif – Say Nothing

This week’s been a tough one to rank. Nothing stood head and shoulders above everyone else. I feel like I’ll look back on this set a few weeks later and have a completely different feel about each track. For now though, we have MUTO’s entrancing Say Nothing to carry us forward.

elleh#3. ELLEH – I Can Be Your Best Friend

This is one of those songs that I’m not totally in love with, but for whatever reason I cannot stop humming it as I walk around town doing my daily routine. It’s firmly lodged itself into my brain, for better or worse. That said, I’m totally digging the vocals.

eventide#2. Eventide – It’s Okay

I think I mentioned last week that I had discovered Eventide recently and had a bunch of tracks which could be featured from the chill duo. Well, It’s Okay won it’s way into a feature. There’s still a few weeks left of summer, and frankly there couldn’t be many better tracks for those beach sunset nights.

millionyoung#1. Millionyoung – Rare Form

Don’t really come across much shoegaze rock these days (if this could even be classified as that). There’s something hypnotizing about Millionyoung’s sound, and Rare Form is a return to the musical world for someone who feels like they’ve been suspiciously quiet for a good year or two.