Songs of the Week 131: September 17 – September 23

blue hawaii#5. Blue Hawaii – Versus Game

New to the world of Blue Hawaii, and gotta say I’m digging Versus Game. One of those songs that kind of teases you as if it’s gonna go real big for the chorus with those pulsing synths… but nope.

lana del rey#4. Lana Del Rey – White Mustang

Classsssic Lana with another sultry song about some kind of lost love. Similar to Blue Hawaii above, part of me wishes she had just let loose halfway through the song. She’s definitely go the vocal chops to do it.

tove lo#3. Tove Lo – Scream My Name

After Disco Tits a couple weeks ago, I’ve been on a major Tove Lo bender in anticipation of her new album in the coming months.

knightfall#2. Knightfall – Watching Me

Almost any other week this track would have been a solid #1, but unfortunately for Knightfall they ran into a titan this week. Doesn’t hide the fact that I’ve had this track on repeat since I first stumbled upon it. Has a bit of a Weeknd + Daft Punk crossover feel to it (in a Starboy kinda way).

odesza#1. Odesza Feat. Leon Bridges – Across the Room

I may have mentioned when posting about Disco Tits that we had an early candidate for song of the year. Well, a challenger has appeared. The new Odesza album is beyond fantastic (we’ll probably see another #1 track from it next week… gotta keep things spaced out!), and Across the Room is far and away my favorite track. The samples in the chorus are brilliant. Trying my darndest to convince any of my friends to go to their show in the upcoming weeks in Vancouver. The battles of not having friends into music is a tough one.