Songs of the Week 137: October 29 – November 4

argonaut&wasp#5. Argonaut&Wasp – Body Sensations

A&W have a way of creating this funky, weird music that is catchy as fuck. Every one of their tracks usually has me thinking “what is going on here”, yet I’m grooving along the entire time.

giraffage2#4. Giraffage Feat. Matosic – Slowly

Giraffage’s official album release recently re-introduced me to a bunch of a tracks I’d heard before, but for whatever reason didn’t quite take to the first time. Slowly is one example. Not sure how I let this one slip through. Those “ooh, ah”‘s are basicalyl tailor-made made for my playlist.

melis#3. Melis – Holding Hands

I don’t envy new artists these days (well I guess that’s a lie… I’m infinitely jealous of their ability to make music). It has to be incredibly tough to get noticed with how much new music is released daily. I feel it might be even harder for brand new female power-pop acts because they seem to be the soup du jour. That said, I think Melis might have something here, as Holding Hands is a beautiful release.

moullinex#2. Moullinex Feat. Shermar – Carnival

I think I’ve gone back and forth on this one a good 5-6 times now. One day I’m close to cutting it from the playlist, and then the next day it’s at the very top on repeat. I’m fully hooked now though. The last minute and a half completely won me over… love me a good break down and build back up.

#1. Giraffage Feat. Angelica Bess – Green Tea

All the tracks this week, outside of Melis’, have a definitely disco-pop theme going on. Green Tea is my favorite from the aforementioned Giraffage release… carried by some crazy awesome vocals from Angelica Bess and some sweet, sweet bounce.