Songs of the Week 138: November 5 to November 11

kid froopy#5. Kid Froopy – New You

In Kid Froopy tradition, with (what at least sounds like) altered vocals and saccharine pop, New You is everything you come to know and love.

henry green#4. Henry Green – Stay Here

Henry Green is batting out of his mind right now at something like a .800 clip for songs that I’m absolutely floored by. Almost every single track he has released has graced my playlist, and usually at or near top spot rotation.

future jr 1#3. Future Jr. – Suburbia Blue

A sleepy verse goes into full “stuck in your head for days” mode when it hits the chorus.

ric rufio#2. Ric Rufio – Water To Wine

This week is all about pop. Ric Rufio’s Water To Wine sounds like it’s straight out of the 80s. So good.

future jr 2#1. Future Jr. – Sentimental Trick

These guys again!? You betcha. Catchy as hell again? Of course.