Songs of the Week 142: December 3 – December 9

#5. Jata – Startime

Slightly psychedelic stuff from Jata. Enjoyed a lot of his material after coming across his Soundcloud last week, with Startime being my personal fave.

dizzy#4. Dizzy – Swim

Not sure if it’s a sign of the times or just coincidence… but was tough business finding Soundcloud links for a majority of this week’s tracks. Credit the vocals for really carrying this track.

foreign air#3. Foreign Air – Chakra Daemon

Been a while since I had checked in on the crew over at Foreign Air. Seems as if they’ve busy, and busy producing quality at that. Loving Chakra Daemon.

#2. Martin Garrix & David Guetta Feat. Jamie Scott & Romy Dya – So Far Away //

Probably a lot of people who feel this track was too formulaic… or too “easy”. I can hear it in the track. That said, I’m still totally digging it. The hook is just too good (and Romy Dya just kills it on her verse).

pete murray#1. Pete Murray – Sold

Pete Murray was one of my favorite musicians way back when (near the end of highschool in early 2000s). Him and Pete Yorn. They dominated my playlist. Decided to check in on Mr. Murray recently to see if he was still making music and was lucky enough timing was as he just released a new album Camacho. In general, as is typical for Pete Murray, it’s super easy listening. Sold though is legitimately awesome. Had it on repeat since.

Songs of the Week 141: November 26 – December 2

jaydot#5. Jaydot Feat. Shalom Dubas – Laces

Another one of those tracks I’d call “cute”. I’m totally sucked in by the beat.

6lack#4. 6lack – Worst Luck

Been following 6lack for a while, but somehow I completely missed the fact that he released a new album. Mixed feelings on it in general, but there is definitely some good stuff in there – Worst Luck being an example.

Tundran#3. Tundran – Your Name

This feels like it’s straight off of a Phil Collins-led Genesis album in the 1980s.

jordan bratton#2. Jordan Bratton – Pieces

Back to back weeks of Jordan Bratton tracks. Gotta say that I’m into this one just as much as Sunsets from last week.

jimmy smash#1. Jimmy Smash – Macadamian

Enjoying this song more and more with each consecutive listen. Reminds me a lot of One Eskimo.