Songs of the Week 141: November 26 – December 2

jaydot#5. Jaydot Feat. Shalom Dubas – Laces

Another one of those tracks I’d call “cute”. I’m totally sucked in by the beat.

6lack#4. 6lack – Worst Luck

Been following 6lack for a while, but somehow I completely missed the fact that he released a new album. Mixed feelings on it in general, but there is definitely some good stuff in there – Worst Luck being an example.

Tundran#3. Tundran – Your Name

This feels like it’s straight off of a Phil Collins-led Genesis album in the 1980s.

jordan bratton#2. Jordan Bratton – Pieces

Back to back weeks of Jordan Bratton tracks. Gotta say that I’m into this one just as much as Sunsets from last week.

jimmy smash#1. Jimmy Smash – Macadamian

Enjoying this song more and more with each consecutive listen. Reminds me a lot of One Eskimo.