Songs of the Week 144: December 17 – December 23

joan#5. Joan – Tokyo

Really really was digging how this one started. Super sexy 80s/90s grooves. Thought it loses a bit of steam halfway through but still… loving the retro vibes.

lais#4. Lais – Instances

Lais was one of those artists for me that you discover but forget to follow. Out of nowhere a track popped up on my Spotify so I decided to check out what he’d been up to. New album is what he’s been up to, and it’s slick.

emmitt fenn#3. Emmit Fenn – Lost In Space

Dunno what to say about this one. It’s like that “girl/guy you’d bring home to mom” type person, but in musical form. Not offensive, well put together and all around nice to have around. Soothing, yet still captivating.

monarchy#2. Monarchy – Hula Hoop 8000

Monarchy’s lead singer (Ra Black) has one of my favorite voices in dance-pop right now. Something about their music always seems to put me in a good move, regardless of how I felt before.

chris brown#1. Chris Brown – Nowhere

Want to know my dedication to finding the best new music out there? I listened to every goddamn track in Chris Brown’s Heartbreak On A Full Moon “deluxe” album. Yeah. All 57, mostly “bleh” tracks. Now I’m a fan of Chris Brown (the music, not the person). He has some of my favourite dance tracks out there. 99% of this album feels lazy, cookie-cutter and totally boring. Nowhere, however, mostly made the Heartbreak adventure worth it. I’ve had it on repeat since, and likely will have it on the entire holiday break.