Songs of the Week 149: January 21 – January 27

glen-hansard#5. Glen Hansard – Your Heart’s Not In It

I’ll forever think of the movie Once anytime someone mentions Glen Hansard. If you haven’t seen it, and this track at all piques your interest then you definitely should check it out. Hell if you like a feel good romance movie, it tickles that fancy too. In typical Hansard fashion, the song’s change of pace near the end really seals the deal.

mlapa#4. Mlapa Feat. Tyra – Without You I’m Fine

Super into the pulsing synths. Until then I was just floating along thinking that nothing too crazy was going on with the track and then “BAM”. My attention is yours.

mines falls#3. Mines Falls – In The Rain

I’m new to the crew at Mines Falls. The first 10 seconds of In The Rain sucked me in. Loving the lyrics and style of singing.

dooqu#2. Dooqu Feat. Trove – Letting Go

Was a few listens before this one really sunk in for me. Found myself humming the chorus in my head for days after though – just one of those tracks that has an easy-to-remember sound which’ll burrow itself into your brain.

ukiyo#1. Ukiyo Feat. Feelds – Something Like This

Lots of Featured artists this week on vocals. Usually when that’s the case, the vocals really stand out. That’s the case here as well – some smokey, blues-ish sounds from Feelds accompany a crazy cool blend of instruments from Ukiyo.

Songs of the Week 148: January 14 – January 20

aggressive swans#5. Aggressive Swans – About You

Newcomers Aggressive Swans with their upbeat pop-rock track that is sure to be heard in all the hip clothing stores around town very soon. It’s just got that “sound”. H&M will be alllll over this. “But it’s your favorite sound”

k michelle#4. K. Michelle – Hard To Do

Filing this one squarely into the category of “guilty pleasure”. I really don’t know how I came across this now two year old track, but I did and frankly I’ve played it wayyyy too much.

rico greene#3. Rico Greene – Neverland

Back to back weeks of Rico Greene’s smooth RnB.

nite swim#2. Nite Swim – Convertible

One of those “this should be #1 of the week” songs. Love what the boys did with the vocals. May be the sexiest of songs you’ll hear all year.

saveus#1. Saveus – Time Can Heal A Man

Oof what a track. The choir backing is what has me hitting repeat on this guys. Such a full sounding track that’s completely singable and totally danceable. Early contender for song of the year in my books.