Songs of the Week 146: December 31 – January 6

badbadnotgood#5. BadBadNotGood Feat. Samuel T. Herring – I Don’t Know

A song made for some kind of fancy cigar-filled lounge full of really cool people. It reeks of sophistication.

lewis lane#4. Lewis Lane Feat. Sam O.B. – Can’t Get Enough

The next four tracks are all super solid – so much so that it almost pains me to put them all in this week (as there have been some REALLLL lean weeks recently). But alas, for whatever reason it’s been a bountiful first week of 2018 in discovery land. Lewis Lane hits us with some disco dance to get you back up off the couch in an attempt to re-enter the world after your holiday slumber.

hmd#3. HMD – Good Yute

Hat tip to for this one. Caught the music video there and gotta say, this track’s got something there. Wasn’t as into the rest of HMD’s material, but have had Good Yute playing pretty consistently since first listen.

abroad#2. Abroad – Breathe

Don’t really know how to classify this one. I love it though. Been following Abroad for a while now, and they are proving to have that “Aquilo-charm” going where it’s hit after hit.

borns#1. Borns Feat. Lana Del Rey – God Save Our Young Blood

This is a pop masterpiece. The pace, the lyrics, the timing, the vocals, having Lana there… all of it is so so made for radio but at the same time so deliciously addictive. Borns has really taken over the music world at the moment. He seems to be everywhere. I must admit that I am a tad disappointed by the chorus, but this is one of those tracks that has such strong verses that you really can’t stop playing it. Excited for his upcoming album.