Songs of the Week 147: January 7 – January 13

yaeji#5. Yaeji – Raingurl

I truly don’t have words to describe this song. It’s burrowed it’s way into my brain and now I’m a slave to the repeat button.

kyoti#4. Kyoti – Avalon

It’s almost as if the dam burst when the year ticked over to 2018. I’m still sharing tracks I lucked upon in the first week of January. Avalon is one of those tracks… a catchy indie pop rock track and my introduction to Kyoti.

rico greene#3. Rico Greene – Another One

While DJ Khaled may rule the meme world for the slogan “Another One”, but Rico Greene’s recent release is definitely worth your time if you are at all into RnB.

yesyou#2. YesYou Feat. Michael Marshall – My Heart

YesYou have to be one of the most under-appreciated bands in my library. They never really are top of my mind when I think of who I’ve been listening too, but then when I look back they seem to be either remixing, featured or releasing an abundance of tracks that I’m totally into. Sneaky good they are.

good girl and the bad times#1. Good Girl And The Bad Times – The Bell

This one’s grown on me. One of those tracks that came on during playlist shuffle and I paused and thought “what, who is this?!?”.