Songs of the Week 151: February 4 – February 10

justin timberlake#5. Justin Timberlake – Breeze Off The Pond

Seeing JT perform all his old hits at the Superbowl made me realize how much I miss his old music (and in the same vein, how not into his new album I actually was). The only track that kinda gets me going is Breeze Off The Pond, and even then it takes 2.5 minutes to really get going. That said, the last 2 minutes are pretty damn nice.

ashdown#4. Ashdown – Can You Tell

Love the vocals on Ashdown’s Can You Tell.

rosewood bape#3. Rosewood Bape – Savage

Always pumped when I come across a new hip hop track that tickles my eardrums. I seem to have a really niche taste in hip hop, as the majority I find impossible to listen to (frankly the ‘skrrt skrrt’ in this one almost made me hate it out of principle, but it’s subtle enough that I can live with it). Smooth stuff.

dijon#2. Dijon – Stranger

Ok so I know Dashboard Confessional is still making music (he actually released a new album this past week I think). That said, his sound has really changed and I wasn’t too into it. Now, if you were to take his magical emo tracks that paved the way for a majority of my generation’s high school years and gave it a new name and updated sound, Dijon’s Stranger is EXACTLY how I’d picture that would sound. I’d love to see a new style of high school emo come out that has this feel to it.

exo#1. Exo – Monster

I blame Jack Black. Somehow I came across the Korean gameshow where they get non-Koreans to sing famous kpop songs and have Koreans guess what track it is… so there was Jack Black doing his darndest and boy was it amazing. Naturally I wanted to see what the actual songs were, and 4 hours later I had listened to the entire Exo catalogue (which is hilariously long). I’m a full on kpop fan now. Please send help. I can’t stop.