Songs of the Week 154: February 25 – March 3

madge#5. Madge – Fight Or Flight Club

Reminds me of a less intense, less “in your face” Crystal Castles.

odie#4. Odie – Trance Dance

Anytime I come across hip-hop that sounds different than the mainstream I get excited. I’m just so sick of everything burning up the airwaves these days – every new hip hop release sounds identical. That said, I’d say this is a stretch to classify Trance Dance as hip hop, but that’s the label Odie gave his track on soundcloud so I’m not gonna challenge it.

mliky chance#3. Milky Chance – Firebird

Catchy folk-rock from the boys.

tycho#2. Portugal. The Man – Live In The Moment (Tycho Sunrise Remix) //

I’m a sucker for anything Portugal. The Man. Live In The Moment however, wasn’t one of my favorite tracks from their recent album. I am loving the spin Tycho put on it for his Sunrise version (in case you are so inclined, there’s another version dubbed the Sunset remix).


#1. Her – Neighborhood

Her are just so damn cool. Their songs are full of swagger, sound unique and totally singable I’m beyond excited for their upcoming debut album. For now, the teaser release of Neighborhood will have to suffice. It’s crazy good.