Songs of the Week 155: March 18 – March 24

dizzy#5. Dizzy – Pretty Things

Dizzy have really figured out that “cute pop” thing with their soft, subtle sounds and catchy lyrics.

golda#4. Golda – NSFW

I’ve been hooked on two Golda tracks over the past week and was torn about which one to throw into the list this week. So much so that instead I’ve decided to split it so that one will be here this week and one next. If you like some steamy bedroom tunes, then look no further.

oliver#3. Beck – Up All Night (Oliver Remix) //

Oliver are straight up disco magicians. This chorus is brilliant.

colin maglong#2. Colin Magalong – Blossom

Some real nice sounds here from Colin Magalong (and his debut track at that, so it seems). Oddly enough, I like all the components of the song more than the entire track itself. I find the way it all interacts a bit forced, but when taken as pieces (chorus, verse, lyrics, beat etc.) all are top top notch. I’m especially a sucker for the hook. Anytime there’s a breakdown with some catchy lyrics you’ve got me in your back pocket.

monarchy#1. Monarchy – Midnight

Speaking of catchy hooks – the masters themselves have released a new track that has been on repeat since day 1. Anytime I see a new Monarchy track pop up on my soundcloud feed is a good day indeed.