Songs of the Week 156: March 25 – March 31

Golda#5. Golda – Nobody

Alluded to this last week – Golda’s got a new fan. The 2nd track I’m obsessed with from the Golda Complex EP released a few weeks ago, Nobody is not quite as “bedroom jammy” as NSFW was… but it’s still got that swag.

teflon#4. Teflon Sega – Closure

Teflon Sega’s sure developed a signature sound – and it works. Nothing released has gripped me quite like FRZZN 2.0 did, but still find almost every release to be captivating.

nombe#3. NoMBe – Man Up

This guy’s versatility is straight up ridiculous. And it’s not like he just tries different things. He tries them and absolutely nails it. Man Up, in my opinion is strongest in the first 30 seconds, but it’s still a such a great indie rock track. Another one of those artists who seems to release great track after great track.

skygge#2. SKYGGE – Magic Man

This is the beginning of the robot takeover. When they start making music, which I always thought might be one of those areas that would never take off, we are doomed! Enter, the SKYGGE project. Now to be honest I think the rest of the album is absolute crap, so they aren’t ready for world domination yet. But I’m not ashamed to admit that I’ve hit play on Magic Man a good 10-15 times in the last week.

stone temple pilots#1. Stone Temple Pilots – Thought She’d Be Mine

WHAT YEAR IS IT?! STP??!?! I used to be obsessed with them back in high school. Then out of nowhere they pop up on my Spotify “New Releases” list and you know what – it wasn’t half bad. I’ll not hide the facts and admit that nostalgia did play a small part in having them at #1 this week, but in all honestly the track is catchy as hell. Been humming it all week.