Songs of the Week 164: May 20 – May 26

arty#5. Arty – Rain

Arty’s always been one of those acts I really wish I’ve seen. Rain isn’t anywhere near the top of my favorites list from him, but it’s an easy-listening anthem track regardless with a nice progression.

joshua worden#4. Joshua Worden – Tennessee

This one is made for headphones. Probably mentioned it before, but one of my dream jobs is to be the person responsible for picking music in a movie. This track sounds perfect for some kind of reflective drive where the main character is reflecting on some life choices.

lanks#3. Lanks – Horoscopes

Lanks’ music sounds like has a really unique way of sounding catchy. It’s not like a typical pop track you’d come across at Starbucks or on the radio. It’s clever catchy.

aquilo#2. Aquilo – The Road Less Wandered

Brings me back to Aquilo of old. It’s got that signature sound, and the nostalgic feeling of sadness that came with a lot of Aquilo’s earlier stuff. Big fan of the little Western-sounding breakdown as well.

troye sivian#1. Troye Sivan – Bloom

It’s an overall damn fine pop track. I don’t know much about Troye Sivan, but glad I gave it a random listen when I was perusing the new releases from Spotify a few weeks back. Frankly though, I am sold on the track by virtue of the brilliant verses. So smooth and so catchy.

Songs of the Week 163: May 13 – May 19

fuzzy sun#5. Fuzzy Sun – Come Take A Bite

Got a major backlog to work through here… and it seems that with each passing week there’s more good stuff released than there is time to share it! Fuzzy Sun’s Come Take A Bite is like the eye of the storm – calm, but you can almost sense that before and after was absolute mayhem.

julian bell#4. Julian Bell – Red Love

Gettin some mad Gallant vibes here, and that’s a great thing because Gallant is nice times.

elohim#3. Elohim – I Want You

With a chorus like this, I Want You must be a real banger live. I’ve been obsessed with this for the past few weeks (did I mention I had a backlog going…?!).

galimatias#2. Galamatias – South

Is this not the smoothest stuff you’ve heard all year?! Such a groovy track.

lais#1. Lais – Seeing Things

Another track I’d put into the “smooth as fuck” bin. Love me some Lais, and I can thank Spotify discover for alerting me to his latest, Seeing Things. I do think the latter half of the track really disappoints, but the first minutes and a half is amongst my favorite minute and a half in music.