Songs of the Week 168: June 17 – June 23

charli xcx#5 Charli XCX – 5 In The Morning

Catchy half hip hop, half pop from Charli XCX on her latest album release.

james arthur#4. James Arthur – You Deserve Better

Starts a little slow, but there’s some undeniable pop dance jams snuck in there once the track gets going.

asap rocky#3. A$AP Rocky Feat. Moby – A$AP Forever

I somehow missed this guy on Rocky’s release a few months ago. I’m pretty sure I listened to the entire album, but I also believe I really would have remembered hearing the nostalgic sounds of Moby’s Porcelain. Any song sampling that track is a win in my books. I actually think this track really shines near the end when we are treated to the vocals of Khloe Anna.

kyan#2. Kyan – Like Summer

Any song this week could have been the #1 track. They are equally good (or I guess alternatively, nothing stood head and shoulders above everyone else). Hadn’t heard of Kyan before I came into Like Summer, but he’s definitely on my radar now.

gorillaz#1. Gorillaz Feat. George Benson – Humility

Ended up giving the nod to the Gorillaz because it’s the most “summer-sounding” track on my list and well, I think the season has finally arrived (on the West Coast of Canada anyway). Plus the music video features Jack Black on guitar, which is just a great time in general.

Songs of the Week 167: June 10 – June 16

zanski#5. Zanski – Oceans

Another day, another bedroom banger from Zanski.

opia#4. Opia – Four Winds

Four Winds almost sounds like it was artificially sped up. The pace is pretty intense – everything about this track gives me a slight sense of panic.

mesita#3. Mesita – No Reply

I honestly could probably fill two weeks worth of posts just on Mesita alone. Love this dude.

snow patrol#2. Snow Patrol – Life On Earth

When I saw the new Snow Patrol album pop up, I had a “what year is it?!?!” kind of moment. Had no idea they were still making music… and honestly, the album aint half bad. For almost anyone born in the 80s, Snow Patrol was a major force in the teen years.

tyga#1. Tyga Feat. Offset – Taste

Doing a complete 180 here. The flow and beat on Tyga’s Taste is too catchy to not have at #1 this week. I can’t stop playing it…