Songs of the Week 165: May 27 – June 2

noel#5. Noel – For You

Another artist inspired no doubt by The Weeknd, Noel’s For You definitely sounds like it’d be right at home next to any number of Weeknd tracks. Super smooth, super catchy and super sultry.

skott#4. Skott – In The Mood

Tons of swagger, and I’m just loving the drop before the chorus (if that can even be considered a drop… maybe “hook” is a better choice).

leon bridges#3. Leon Bridges – Beyond

Totally see this being the “wedding song of 2018-2019”. Just has that sound. Gorgeous track.

hayden james#2. Hayden James Feat. Boy Matthews – Just Friends

A track that has grown on my considerably since first listen. Thing that humming beat finally lodged itself firmly inside my brain.

seven lions#1. Seven Lions & Jason Ross Feat. Jonathan Mendelsohn – Oceans

Sometimes prog house tracks just feel like cheating. There’s something crazy catchy and captivating about building momentum and catchy lyrics that ends up exploding into anthemic dance music. It’s impossible to not like.