Songs of the Week 172: July 15 – July 21

olivver the kid#5. Olivver the Kid – Overreacting

God this reminds me of another artist so much and I just can’t put my finger on it. Nice dance-pop times regardless.

colin maglong#4. Colin Magalong – Wish I Could

Everytime this guy puts out a new track my first thought is always “ALREADY?!”. And yet, despite this release speed, each song has something to it. Hit after hit. Impressive stuff.

years & years#3. Years & Years – Sanctify

Years & Years have really become one of my favorite bands over the past year and a half. Their newest album is a joy, and Sanctify (which was actually released a few months ago as a single) is catchy and weird.

years and years#2. Years & Years – Rendezvous

Back to back! They DID just release an album (well, a week or two ago.. but I was backlogged). It’s close, but Rendezvous just edges out Sanctify as my favorite track from the album.

champane#1. Champane Feat. Catali – Down Low

The artist for which I can find no information, and instead have linked to their indie label above. Track has some MAJOR swagger, and that hook just before the chorus drags me in every single time. Fantastic vocals. This track took me by surprise a bit. Wasn’t until a 2nd and third listen did I really “get it”.