Songs of the Week 184: October 7 – October 13

arty#5. Arty – Perfect Strangers

Gotta find someway to get myself to an Arty concert. I’ve fallen a bit off from the dance/house/trance scene, but I still find myself drawn to almost every track Arty touches.

breathe#4. Breathe. – Are You All Good?

A seductively haunting debut from a mysterious couple of dudes known at breathe. It’s not flashy, but undoubtedly you’ll find it stuck in your head for days after a listen.

blow#3. Blow – Green Unicorn

I always find it crazy how accents almost disappear when artists sing in English. Listen to the dudes from Blow speak in English and you’ll hear their thick French accents, but yet there’s only a tinge of accent that makes it through to their music. Anyway, rambles aside, Green Unicorn is straight up dance party. Dat guitar lick tho…

tender#2. Tender – Handmade Ego

I’m so into this chorus. Rest of the song is fine, but once that chorus hits my entire body starts bobbing along uncontrollably.

charity#1. Charity – And There Were Strangers

Ok ok let’s get it out of the way – no this isn’t Lana Del Rey, but yea it sounds like it. That’s a pretty high compliment, because as we all know Lana is excellent. I really love how atmospheric this is – I feel as if I’m at some fancy concert hall listening to an entire orchestra play. Also there’s some real sad feels coming through, which I’m always a sucker for.