Songs of the Week 190: November 18 – November 24

Processed with MOLDIV#5. Lyves – Tell Me That You Feel It Too

New track from a much blogged about favorite of mine. Frankly, I’m surprised she’s not a bigger deal in the music world yet…

allan rayman#4. Allan Rayman – Might Get Strange

Wasn’t really into Allan Rayman’s new album, but I do think Might Get Strange is worth some solid airtime. Latin flavors and just catchy enough to have been on repeat all week.

talladega#3. Talladega – Voodoo Baby

With just 5 followers and 500ish plays on Soundcloud, Talladega are true newcomers to the music scene. Gotta say, they’ve got the catchy lyrics thing down. Kind of track that I can totally see making it onto radio.

suns up#2. Suns Up – Stay

Bit of a throwback track to classic rock, Stay is the newest release from another Soundcloud newbie.

lais#1. Lais – Focus

If you’ve heard Lais before, this track will not surprise you. It’s classic Lais at his best.

Songs of the Week 189: November 11 – November 17

blasko#5. Blasko – Japanese Hotel

It’s mostly a bunch of newcomers to the blog this week, starting with Blasko and his new pseudo-dance track Japanese Hotel.

manilla killa#4. Manila Killa Feat. Mansionair – Wake Up Call

Another one of those tracks that gives instills some panic – plus it features Mansionair, who are always the sign of a good time.

pomo#3. Pomo Feat. Harrison Brome – Intoxicated

These two are definitely not newcomers to the blog. I love almost everything either Pomo or Harrison Brome touch, so it was only natural that this track would be making the cut.

sufjan stevens#2. Sufjan Stevens – Lonely Man Of Winter

I will always have room for Sufjan Stevens in my life. He carried me through a lot of my late highschool and early university years. Michigan is one of my all-time favorite albums. While sometimes he’s a bit TOO eccentric for me, there’s always some calming charm in everyone one of his tracks. And yes this is a Christmas track – it’s never too early for Mr. Stevens.

airplane man#1. Airplane Man – Brain Damage

A super solid, nothing too fancy pop-rock track from Airplane Man. Find myself passively bobbing along each time time Brain Damage crosses my playlist.