Songs of the Week 199: January 20 – January 26

james blake#5. James Blake – Don’t Miss It

James Blake doing his James Blake things – making unusual music and showing off his crazy range in vocals.

mansionair#4. Mansionair – Shadows

Lovely little pop track from the boys at Mansionair.

shipwrek#3. Ship Wrek Feat. Grace – Make It Last

I may just be hitting up the wrong spots, but it feels like it’s been a really slow past few months for poppin dance tracks. Make It Last temporarily fills that void.

charlie burg2#2. Charlie Burg Feat. Austenyo – Avalanche

Still blasting the new Charlie Burg album a couple weeks after it’s release. Avalanche is another stand out track, with Austenyo’s verse making for some sweet sweet grooves.

broods#1. Broods – Hospitalized

Love me some Broods. They put out quality track after quality track, usually highlighted by a quirky dance verse much like we have here. Good times.

Songs of the Week 198: January 13 – January 19

manatee commune#5. Manatee Commune Feat. Allie Crystal – Carried Away

With a name like Manatee Commune, how can you not want to listen?!

palace wolf#4. Palace Wolf – 20 Bands

That intro tho… sexy and smooth.

charlie burg#3. Charlie Burg – Moog Jam 1

This should probably be higher, but I’m having a tough time ranking the top 3 this week. Love the layered vocals that kick in halfway through. Sneaky sick hip hop verse.

rel#2. R E L – Nanagrams

This track has been haunting and stalking me all week. I cannot get the guitar lick out of my head. Send help.

bee's knees#1. Bee’s Knees Feat. Mack Keane – What I Need

When all else is equal, the track that get’s me dancing will always win out. Underrated drop here as well.