Songs of the Week 200: January 27 – February 2

unlike pluto#5. Unlike Pluto – Villain Of My Own Story

Been following Unlike Pluto for a couple months now as he’s gone through his Pluto Tapes series, releasing new music weekly. He manages to scratch a real nostalgic emo itch I didn’t know I had.

crystal skies#4. We Are Fury & Crystal Skies Feat. Pauline Herr – Looking For You //

While less dated than my emo itch above, I was real into dubstep & trap a few years ago. Then again, so was half of the new-music world. While the genre has taken a bit of a hit away from mainstream recently, Looking For You is a nice time.

miknna#3. Miknna – Rush

Love Miknna’s sound. Their entire recent release – Escape – was excellent.

agoria#2. Agoria – You’re Not Alone

A track that has reallllly grown on me over the past few weeks. Another track that conveys a real sense of panic.

broods#1. Broods – Falling Apart

Prepare for Brood features for the next few weeks – they just released their latest album this past week and it is unbelievably good. I’m not an album guy (gimme a nice single anyway), but I’m actually shocked at how much I like pretty much every track on Don’t Feed The Pop Monster. On my way to buy tickets for their next show ASAP.