Songs of the Week 210: April 6 – April 13

onni boi#5. Onni Boi – Tides

Synth-heavy pop jam from newcomer Onni Boiiiii.

ruby empress#4. Ruby Empress – See No Evil

Ruby Empress are weird and make weird music. I love all of it.

the driver era#3. The Driver Era – Feel You Now

The Driver Era have the sound of someone who either are a bigger deal than I realize, or who will soon be a big deal with their radio-ready brand of pop.

always never#2. Always Never – Charged Up

While you could say that Always Never might be too attached to a single sound, when it Charged Up is a catchy-as-hell RnB track.

hot chip#1. Hot Chip – Hungry Child

It’s been wayyyy too long since we heard from Hot Chip. I hope they never stop making music. There’s something so captivating about their quirky brand of dance music.