Songs of the Week 221: June 23 – June 28

mark ronson#5. Mark Ronson Feat. Yebba – When U Went Away

Carried by some killer vocals, When U Went Away is my fav track from Mark Ronson’s release last week. Yebba is featured on a few tracks, but she rocks it here.

rx soul#4. Rx Soul – I Know You’re There

Rx Soul is another one of those artists who churns out an insane amount of music. He also looks NOTHING like I thought he would when I went digging for a headline picture.

jamie lane#3. Jamie Lane – Move On

I so very much want to like this track more than I do. The transition from hook to chorus is magical, and that pulsating chorus is something special. But for whatever reason, it just doesn’t seem to have me hooked as I want to believe it should. That said, still crazy good that it makes the top 3 in a weekly.

le shake#2. Le Shake – Blessing

This feels like a total disco throwback track. Super groovy. And don’t you worry, there are some sneaky vocals if you stay with it for the first minute of instrumental.

vlush#1. Vlush Feat. Kas – Bored

Stop #2 on the Vlush train (last week was Byof) brings us to Bored. It’s not my favorite of his tracks (we’ll get there, don’t you worry), but it’s still good enough to take top spot this week. I rarely find myself so invested into an artist’s catalogue as I am with Vlush. I mean… I’m a self-proclaimed singles guy. But man, Who 250 is so damn good … the perfect summer album.

Songs of the Week 220: June 16 – June 22

argo & wasp#5. Argonaut&Wasp – Monacillo

It took a solid couple weeks, but I finally came around on the new A&W track. Pretty sure it’s the guitar twangs that did it for me.

linier#4. Pat Lok & Party Pupils – From The Back (Linier Remix) //

This is a total throwback jam, if we could count tracks that feel like they are from the early 2000s as throwback. Back to the era of when everything was a remix.

weirdos#3. Dwilly – Crayola (Weirdos Remix) //

Dwilly is everywhere these days, but Weirdos absolutely nail it with this remix. So so good.

vlush#2. Vlush – Byof

Went on a Soundcloud adventure this past week and stumbled upon vlush. Best prepare yourselves, because there is a lot of music coming from this dude over the next few weeks on this blog. His discography is ridic.

gallant#1. Gallant – Sharpest Edges

Next to Please? (Vignette), IMO this is the best Gallant track to date. Dude is straight up amazing.