Songs of the Week 217: May 26 – June 1

marina city#5. Marina City – Strawberry

One of the most Prince-sounding songs you’ll ever here (that ain’t Prince).

husky loops#4. Husky Loops – Everyone Is Having Fun But Me

We move from a Prince soundalike to some boys that give me major Arctic Monkeys vibes.

pelicandy#3. Pelicandy – Animals

More retro grooves from the best-named band this week.

nasaya#2. Nasaya Feat. Sara Diamond – Patterns

Sneaky good track from Nasaya with some sneaky good vocals courtesy of Sara Diamond.

waives#1. Waives Feat. Iiola & Butterjack – Threads

Can’t find any info on Waives anywhere. I always have room in my library for more sultry R&B though.