Songs of the Week 218: June 2 – June 8

akurei#5. Akurei – Stockholm

Been to Stockholm. Good city to write a song about, can confirm.

aiwake#4. Aiwake – Tonight (Sundown)

First release (that I can see) since the stunner that was Palm City is another late night city cruiser of a track.

taska black#3. Taska Black Feat. Trace – Backwards Love

Backwards Love has the kind of catchy hook that is made for movies.

gavin turek#2. Gavin Turek – Whitney (Colors Show Version)

What a voice Gavin has. The Colors Show series is amazing – if you haven’t given their playlists a run do yourself a favor and have a session.

aka lui#1. AKA Lui – Hey! I Don’t Want That Anyway

I’m a sucker for a catchy guitar lick (see: Honeypie; Johnny Utah).