Songs of the Week 220: June 16 – June 22

argo & wasp#5. Argonaut&Wasp – Monacillo

It took a solid couple weeks, but I finally came around on the new A&W track. Pretty sure it’s the guitar twangs that did it for me.

linier#4. Pat Lok & Party Pupils – From The Back (Linier Remix) //

This is a total throwback jam, if we could count tracks that feel like they are from the early 2000s as throwback. Back to the era of when everything was a remix.

weirdos#3. Dwilly – Crayola (Weirdos Remix) //

Dwilly is everywhere these days, but Weirdos absolutely nail it with this remix. So so good.

vlush#2. Vlush – Byof

Went on a Soundcloud adventure this past week and stumbled upon vlush. Best prepare yourselves, because there is a lot of music coming from this dude over the next few weeks on this blog. His discography is ridic.

gallant#1. Gallant – Sharpest Edges

Next to Please? (Vignette), IMO this is the best Gallant track to date. Dude is straight up amazing.