Songs of the Week 222: June 30 – July 6

rx soul#5. Rx Soul – I See The Signs

There’ve been a lot of artist repetition in the last few weeks. Either I’m getting lazy, or these artists all just put out heaps of awesome music. I’m gonna go with the latter.

isaac dunbar#4. Isaac Dunbar – Women On The Hills

This kid is like, 16. He’s already done more amazing things with this life than I have in my 30+ years. This song has the sound of a seasoned artist 20+ years to this kid’s senior. It’s pretty incredible.

tepno#3. Tep No – Like A Virgin

Tep No is known for his remixes… but in this case we have him with an original (and what I assume is somewhat a nod of dedication to Madonna?).

vlush#2. Vlush – Windows

I’m sorry if you’re sick of this guy by now, but we’re only at stop #3 and there’s at least 3-4 more coming. Get used to it.

later#1. Later. – L.Y.E.

I haven’t had a song on repeat as much as L.Y.E. in a long long time. Gonna go with S.G. Lewis’ Hurting or any track of Jungle’s For Ever album as the last time anything had me playing it on end for hours. God this is good.