Songs of the Week 229: August 18 – August 24

lani rose#5. Lani Rose – Warm Blanket

You def need headphones for this one… else you’re missing out on probably the coolest part of the track.

mitchell yard#4. Mitchell Yard Feat. Pasquinel – You Know What’s Up

Straight out of the early 90s rnb scene, this feels like a Next track blended with some TLC.

above & beyond#3. Above & Beyond Feat. Seven Lions & Opposite The Other – See The End

Makers of some of the most consistently-uplifting electronica music ever, Above & Beyond have another feel-good hit in See The End.

girl ray#2. Girl Ray – Show Me More

More catchy guitar-driven pop rock (which seemed to be the soup de jour for the last week or two), this time courtesy of Girl Ray.

joseph of mercury#1. Joseph of Mercury – Pretenders

Right on cue we have another entry into our catchy guitar pop. If that chorus doesn’t get you boppin you aren’t human.