Songs of the Week 227: August 4 – August 10

ldru#5. L D R U Feat. Boo Seeka – Ruler

I’m a major L D R U fanboy and this is another killer track in his above average lineup.

elijah woods#4. Elijah Woods x Jamie Fine – Meditate

In addition to Taste (featured last week), I’ve been really into Meditate, another new-ish track from Jamie Fine & Elijah Woods.

majid jordan#3. Majid Jordan Feat. Khalid – Caught Up

The Majid Jordan boys are slowly but surely becoming some of the biggest RnB stars in the game right now. Having Drake backing you obviously helps, as done grabbing Khalid for a feature.

big data#2. Big Data Feat. L1ZY – Slay

One of the nerdiest (and catchiest) bands going right now dropped a new album a week or two ago. It’s great. You should listen to it.

julian avila#1. Julian Avila Feat. Lakey Inspired – Come Through and Chill

Another smooth track from Julian Avila (which in reality is a cover of the Miguel track of the same name). Wish this dude would upload his stuff to Soundcloud…

Songs of the Week 226: July 28 – August 3

russell louder#5. Steph Copeland Feat. Russell Louder – Who You Gotta Love //

Dramatic and catchy stuff from Steph Copeland & Russell Louder.

paper idol#4. Paper Idol – Still So Alive

This feels like a track that I will come to like a lot more down the road. It’s felt lost in the shuffle, as there’s been an abundance of new (quality) music over the last few weeks.

charlie burg#3. Charlie Burg Feat. J. Robb – The Steeze

This is smooooooooth. Wasn’t expecting bedroom jams from Charlie Burg, but here we are.

elijah woods#2. Elijah Woods x Jamie Fine – Taste

Really digging a lot of tracks from the duo Jamie Fine & Elijah Woods after discovering them a couple weeks ago.

still haze#1. Julian Avila – Solo (Still Haze Remix) //

Still Haze kills it with his remix of Solo. Now if only it was available on Spotify….. (please Still Haze. Please)