Songs of the Week 234: September 22 – September 28

7chariot#5. 7Chariot – Eulogy

Loving the breakdown, tho it does feel like one of those tracks that could really have let loose if it wanted to.

malunga#4. Malunga – A.M.

There’s something in the production of A.M. that gives it a really raw sound. Can’t deny that it’s catchy tho.

gangs of kin#3. Gangs of Kin – Vampire

This song will have you in a good mood from the first 5 seconds in. Love the distinct vocals.

husky loops#2. Husky Loops – A Little Something

My favorite track from Husky Loops ‘ recent album release.

drama#1. Drama – Give No Fucks

Bit biased here. I mean Give No Fucks is a stellar track no doubt. But I get to see Drama live this coming week (when they open for S.G. Lewis), so I have selfish reasons for being so into this jam at the moment.

Songs of the Week 233: September 15 – September 21

clubhouse#5. Clubhouse – Lucky Soul

Uplifting feels and poppy goodness.

magic city hippies#4. Magic City Hippies – Modern Animal

Magic City Hippies lay claim to one of my most very favorite tracks (Fanfare), and as such I make sure to keep tabs on em any time new stuff comes out. Modern Animal I’m a bit late too, but it’s a good time nonetheless. Gotta give it until 2:00 in though, when it starts to get real groovy.

mellowcoup#3. Mellowcoup – Med Man

Speaking of groovy… are you ready to travel into the distant future? There’s some serious dystopian, year 2077 vibes here.

unlike pluto#2. Unlike Pluto – Cloudy Eyes

Was really tough picking the top track this week. I adore a lot of what Unlike Pluto puts out, and this one is no exception. The hook is absolutely filthy.

san scout#1. San Scout – Sideways

The boys at San Scout win me over every time. Something about that voice and the pacing of their tracks melts me.