Songs of the Week 232: September 8 – September 14

sojux#5. Sojux – Monster Not Happy

Dark, distorted and haunting. 3 things I like in my music.

yez yez#4. Yez Yez Feat. Speelburg – Say Hello

On the polar opposite end of the spectrum as the previous track from Sojux we have a glam-rock, happy-go-lucky track from Yez Yez (who I can literally find no information about anywhere) and Speelburg. Brings me back to the Fatboy Slim days of the early 90s… or maybe even Cake.

boulevarde#3. Boulevarde – Lover

This one’s got a bit of everything. Orchestral strings, plucky guitar, pensive vocals, and a harsher-than-expected chorus.

cabu#2. Cabu Feat. Vanessa Elisha – Signs

This one’s grown on me big time. It definitely is a slow burn, with a pretty calm intro and some delicate vocals from Vanessa Elisha. Digging the change of pace midway through tho.

litany#1. Litany – Go Out

La la la. Another week, another disgustingly-charming track for the duo at Litany. The queen (and king) of bedroom pop have really nailed their sound, and it sucks me in every single time.