Songs of the Week 235: September 29 – October 5

jonathan bree#5. Jonathan Bree – Waiting On A Moment

If you like chamber pop, welcome to the world of Jonathan Bree. Every song gives me Stepford Wives vibes and I love it all.

refs#4. Refs – Bones

Bones is off Refs recent four-track release and has all those dark, panic-feeling moments in music that I’ve come to really like.

roy woods#3. Roy Woods – Bubbly

For whatever reason I just can’t get into the chorus on this one. Otherwise, it’d easily be one of my fave songs of the year, as those verses are hottttt. Roy Woods is one of the few artists in hip hop keeping that genre alive for me in the dark times of mumble rap.

lauv#2. Lauv – Feelings

That hook just slays me. While I’m not always digging the cringey-nice boy love pop songs from Lauv, there are some tracks that I straight up cannot turn off.

catchtwentytwo#1. CatchTwentyTwo – All Because Of Her

This shit right here is goddamn brilliant. It not only manages to take an iconic riff line and create something standalone with it, but the vocal play is so smooth… especially the first half of the track. If only it was a bit longer 😦