Songs of the Week 238: September 20 – September 26

sg lewis#5. S.G. Lewis Feat. Kamille – Easy Loving You

Sometimes you don’t know you like a song until you see it live. Such was the case with S.G. Lewis, where I discovered two new “favorite” songs that I’d completely glossed over previously. Interestingly enough, both of these new faves were the encore songs.

geotheory#4. Geotheory – Stars & Pyramids

One of those songs that is straight up cool. Also belongs in some kind of dystopian movie… the track playing in the background when our protagonist enters his favorite bar.

dermot kennedfy#3. Dermot Kennedy – An Evening I Will Not Forget

Are you ready to cry? Because like it or not, when Dermot Kennedy starts singing there’s a good chance there won’t be any dry eyes in the room. He’s got such a unique ability to go from raw, unbridled passion to soft, whispers of emotion in his tracks. That ability is never shown better than An Evening I Will Not Forget halfway through. Beautiful song.

monsune#2. Monsune – Outta My Mind

I almost feel guilty sharing any tracks after the masterpiece by Dermot Kennedy (which goes to show how brilliant I think that song is). That said, there’s something both endearing and painfully cute about Monsune’s music (which I only discovered a week or two ago). He now makes up almost half of my top 10 played tracks in the last 2 weeks.

lo lytes#1. Lo Lytes – Wet

Tracks like Wet are why I enjoy the often-painful excerise of attempting to discover new music. There are a lot of misses. But when you find one that, within seconds, you know is going to be a favorite track of the year… it makes it all worth it. If only Spotify kept a record of how many times you’ve played your songs I would share how “on repeat” this song really has been. So so good.